Welcome to what hopefully will be a readable fun record of our life, our journeys, trials and tribulations. All in our Go-Pod who we have simply chosen to call Pod.

Having come from the caravanning world and previously owned an Elddis Firestorm 524 and a Coachman Pastiche 560 we have chosen to leave the larger mobile home in the past and go back to a simpler way of holidaying, camping but with that added bit of luxury. A few gadgets and gizmos, but only enough to take us totally off grid once in a while.

We plan to spend as much of our downtime as possible travelling and experiencing the U.K. Our main aim, is on retirement, we will up-sticks for a good few months and tour Europe, but until then we will travel from the tip of Scotland, over to Ireland and to our most southern point in Cornwall. Not in any particular order, whatever tickles our fancy.

We want to use recognised caravan sites and ones not known to many. When we feel the need we will go totally off grid and rely on our solar panel and other gadgets to make our stays as comfortable as possible. Anyone can rough it, but when there’s no need, then why bother.

Pod, through time, will be tailored to our needs and hopefully improved with Mr. Bs talents for modifications. His mind is always ticking over and coming up with some wonderful ways of making our travels easier.

We would love to share our additions and modifications with you and plan to give updates on our travels, where we’ve stayed and the people we meet and the things we come across on the way. We are happy for any feedback in relation to anything we write about and welcome ideas, we are willing to try anything, well, almost ...